Each room is created by artists, illustrators, designers or architects as an individual piece of art. From science fiction style to grafic arts, from  a painted quote of a record cover to weired fantasies about dreamworlds or phobias of insects.
“huette 91” offers a home for artists, musicians and open-minded travellers.


Single (shared bathroom): Sun – Thurs € 35,-* ? Fr – Satur € 45,-
Double (shared bathroom): Sun – Thurs € 58.-* ? Fri – Satur € 65,-
Triple, (shared bathroom): Sun – Thurs € 81,-* ? Fri – Satur € 90,-
4bedroom, (shared bathroom): Sun – Thurs € 92,-* ? Fri – Satur € 100,-

Doubleroom with private bath on demand. Extra-charge € 10,-

Shared bathrooms/toilets.
All prices without breakfast, incl. Mwst.

Breakfast (p.P.) en demand 9 €

Wi-Fi for free.

*Prices for weekdays from sunday till thursday (except fairs and days before public holidays)

There are special prices and flat rates for artists and musicians who come to duesseldorf “on tour”. Please request it via mail or phone.