Deathstar Eleganza

Deathstar Eleganza“ is the only classic doubleroom.

On the first view a classic “english doubleroom” with stucco on the ceiling and velvet-like wallpapers. But on the second view there are these styrofoam packaging materials which build a science fiction film scenery on the ceiling. That gives this room an apperarance that is not from his world.

Styrofoam is an omnipresent material, rather a waste product. It’s use is to protect specially high tech or hifi hardware. Solved of it’s normal function and cut into pieces this material gives us the impression of urban architecture. This crystalline objects reminds of spaceships or skyscrapers in a future city.

Stephan Lomp is freelance illustratorand lives and works in duesseldorf. next to his daily business for agencies and publishing companies he creates t-shirt-designs, makes exhibitions with his artworks and is one of the formers of a comic fanzine called “Herrensahne”. View more of his work here:

Max Fiedler, aka Mexer, born 1977, lives and works as a freelance illustrator and designer for games and grafics in duessedlorf. He is a column of the group of comic-drawers »Herrensahne«. Since 2005 he lecturesat the “Fachhochschule Düsseldorf/Design”. View more of his work here: http://?