Silke Bunde | Marc Ewert

We trample all over the world of nightmares, while the monster of the wardrobe tries to hook oneself the peaceful sleeping souls who are descending to the ceiling to raise to a higher dreamlevel.

Likewise playful as the topic is the strategy: The room is strictly painted in black and white. Painting, graffiti and sculptures are mixing to a complete piece of art. As in a dream there are no borders of imagination.

Silke Bunde is founder of the agency “knetwerk” (www.knetwerk.net)
This woman artist from duesseldorf creates kneaded figures with great eypression, which find use as illustrations in books, in adverts or films.

Marc Ewert aka. Marwert (www.marcewert.de) works as an illustrator in duesseldorf. He also is one of the founders of the comicfanzine “Herrensahne”. Once a month he presents under the pseudonym “Mondo Bizarr”  the highlights of psychotronic videos in  a cinema called “Black Box”. (www.mondobizarr.com)